Yorkshire and The Humber

Crafts Café, Hull

22 July 2006

Crafts Café is in one of the nicer spots for a coffee in Hull, just opposite what is (arguably) the largest parish church in England.

Crafts Café, Hull

There’s a small crafts shop attached, but half the ground floor and all of the sprawling upstairs are taken up with the café.

Crafts Café, Hull Crafts Café, Hull

The upstairs is strangely characterless. It has a collection of small tables and chairs, probably catering for coach parties (although some interest is added with one or two murals). Still, it’s quite relaxing, and there’s no problem finding a spot to sit with a coffee and have a natter.

Crafts Café, Hull Crafts Café, Hull

Plus, if you don’t believe that Hull is a nice place to go, the immediate surroundings of Crafts Café may prove you wrong.

Opposite Trinity Church.

King Street

We visited on 22 July 2006.

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