Single Origin Roasters, Sydney, Australia

24 May 2010

Trawling the bakeries, parks, cafes and sights of Sydney made for a grand few days. Here’s the coffee shop highlight.

Single Origin, Sydney

Cosmopolitan Sydney rained on us for a while, then the sun shone and we popped over to Single Origin, having heard such good things.

It seems plenty of others had heard good things too. We had to queue in the street for a few minutes.

Single Origin, Sydney Single Origin, Sydney

It’s a small, bustling coffee stop tucked away from the centre of town. It’s on a quiet street on the edge of artsy Surrey Hills (we reckon we’d get a house there if we lived in Sydney – little tit-bit for you there).

Single Origin’s popularity might be its curse – we felt unable to linger for too long (not that any of the friendly souls would dream of making us unwelcome).

Mind you, we popped back a few days later when it was quieter and hung around for a while longer.

Single Origin, Sydney Single Origin, Sydney

Whether you stay for 15 minutes or 150, it’s worth the visit. The coffee is exceptional. The latte I had on our return might well be the best I’ve ever had. Beans are for sale, too, and can be ground if you are without grinder.

The staff are great. Friendly and passionate about coffee. It’s not a particularly cosy or comfy place, but it’s stylish and full of personality.

Single Origin, Sydney

On our second visit, we were delightfully surprised to see the familiar face of Gwilym Davies, 2009 World Barista Champion. We met Gwilym last year at his wonderful coffee cart in London. Here we were, the other side of the world, in the same coffee shop at the same time… I’m justified in using the old “small world” cliche here, no?

Gwilym was there with an Australian barista. I asked if it was work or pleasure – luckily for Gwilym the two are the same.

Single Origin is frequented by those who know a thing or two about coffee, and me. Highly recommended. Top it off with a muffin from nearby Bourke Street Bakery.

Single Origin, Sydney Single Origin, Sydney


60 Reservoir St
Surrey Hills
NSW 2010

We visited on 24 May 2010.

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