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  • Colonna & Hunter Bath featured
    South West

    Colonna & Hunter, Bath

    Three-times UK Barista Champion Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood is on a caffeine-fuelled mission to rule the world. We certainly won’t try and stop him; his coffees and cafés are pictures of perfection. His second shop –…

    22 August 2015
  • Society Cafe Bath - featured
    South West

    Society Café, Bath

    Society Café is in such a fabulous central location, so often reserved for tourist traps in beautiful cities like Bath, that it might be mistakenly overlooked by the indie coffee shop hunter. At it turns out, Society…

    22 August 2015
  • Featured image - blog post
    South West

    Boston Tea Party, Bristol and Bath

    The Boston Tea Party is a small chain of seven in and around Bristol.  I visited a leafy branch on Park Street, and the day after popped into another in nearby Bath.…

    30 May 2009